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large and small diaphragm  microphonesold and new microphone amplifiers

Planned conceptually for the around-m label, the studio soon proved to be perfectly suitable for live action. The centre is a digital audio workstation with up to 28 input channels, balanced i.e. per ADAT. 8 inputs can also be used as unbalanced instrument inputs. Alternatively, one ADAT can serve as AES/EBU or S/PDIF stereo input. Virtual models of synthesizers, pianos, organs, and other instruments can be controlled by a master keyboard with fader box. Professional microphones, combined vintage and modern, handle any recording situation in any genre.
Thanks to an absolutely free signal routing it is possible to play back individual signal mixings via balanced outputs while recording.
Besides professional voice recordings the studio can carry out conference calls via internet and mobile respectively in high quality.
Btw, the studio is mobile, you can book us!

multitrack windowvirtual mixing console