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Our modern world sets growing demands on us. Despite shorter working hours, we are still under enormous pressure to succeed and the level of what is supportable is often reached or even exceeded. Even in our free time, a flood of stimuli streams into our nervous system. In this latent stress situation the soul longs for silence and inner balance. This can be achieved by meditation.
Meditation means concentration on a spot, a picture, a thought. Hereby, breathing plays an important role: Breath connects us to the Universal Power.
Meditation is a gift from the Eastern cultures where they are in the focus of religious or philosophical ceremonies. Many people here in the Western world see new possibilities of forming their lives. But the greatest dificulty is maintaining concentration over a longer period of time. Listening to suitable music can be a great help. The contemplative state of being can thus unfold its healing effects.
In Gong-Meditation, Wieland Schreiber unites the Eastern Sounds of Gongs with the tonality of traditional western sounds or what we are accustomed to hearing.

Gong-Meditation CD Cover, decorated gong in front of a sunrise at the sea Wieland Schreiber uses the typical nuances of 23 Gongs in a masterly way. Deliberately renouncing a rhythmical concept, he unfolds pure tonal effects on our body and spirit. Wieland Schreiber creates a world of sounds that makes meditative power flow and that can be a catalysor for a consciousness that originates from the soul alone. The centre of our self unites with the universe.





sound example:

the deep sound of gongs penetrating all levels

balancing and giving peace

deepest relaxation

relieving inner tension

sound vibrations through the whole body

gladdening oneness

thoughts pass by

stimulating self -healing powers

Qi flows

floating reverberations

harmonizes body and spirit




This CD has a duration of 31:35 and is available here. The price is 9 Euros plus mail order. Contact us!

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