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FREQUENCY5 CD Cover, a Buddha and dancing people






"FREQUENCY5" was originally designed for breathing techniques. The aim was to accompany the exercises during one whole hour. This piece has quickly gained its own character: Between March 2007 and February 2008 music has been created that shows extraordinary effects: The continuous beat causes a grounding which supports the flow of energy and thus helps clear blockades. Most listeners experience relaxation within minutes. Some people use this music for driving and report that they leave their car relaxed and refreshed even after long distances. Others state an elucidative or anti-depressive effect.
In his Florida Pain Clinic, Prof. J. Antonio Aldrete and his team have discovered that FREQUENCY5 induces relaxation and tranquility to chronic pain patients. Some patients fall asleep even while undergoing a therapeutic procedure involving injections near and around the spine.  A scientific study to evaluate this phenomenon is finished, unfortunately the number of patients was not sufficient to justify a publication. But Prof. Aldrete writes: 'We hope that you can enjoy it and would be willing to try to have it assist you in relieving your pain or allowing you to enjoy life by means other than medications'



Breathe -as continuous breath is essential for your life
Meditate -on the reason for your existence
Dance -let the rhythm lead your awarenes towards your heart
Love -yourself, because if you don't you won't be able to love anybody else


How to compose 60 minutes of music with constant tempo or rather rhythm? Wieland Schreiber spontaneously went for an ostinato, e.g. repeating 16-bar bass melody. Joined by a shaker and a cymbal this plays throughout the whole piece.
But what would musically harmonise with that basic structure, create 'tension' without changing the impression but also without becoming monotonous? This was a difficulty, but a challenge in the same time.
During the months two melodies emerged and were interpreted on various instruments. Moments of calmness, gradually developing grooves and four improvisations were being interlaced.
Wieland Schreiber performs on Synthesizers, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, Vibes, guitar, bass, bass drums and snares, diverse percussions.
Many thanks to Christian Bihlmaier for his playing of the violin solo.


The piece has entirely been produced at  the around-m studio.
A short sound example:


The CD (Duration 60'16")is available here now. The price is 15 Euros plus mail order. For American citizens we have a possibility to send it to you for $ 24 including mailing. Contact us!

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