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"A Year In Ice" for marimba solo was written in 1985 and was the first composition to be presented to a wider audience. The piece was in the repertoire of the competition of the European Union of Youth „Europaeischer Musikpreis für die Jugend“ 2006 for marimbaphone solo.
score example A Year In Ice

"InEs", again a piece for marimbaphone solo, was completed in 1987. W.S's. idea for writing this piece came to him during a train ride, being inspired by the penetrant noise of the wheels and a deep feeling of the countryside,  time and speed condensing. "InEs" is based on a 5/4 funky pattern in the key of Eb Dorian mode. The first part changes by means of a metric modulation in a fast 4/4 bar with continuous semiquaver movement. This minimal passage leads the piece back to the original tempo only to let the rhythm have it's head once again. "InEs" is a woman's Christian name; a play on words! "in Es" also means: Eb in German.
Ines now lives in Baden-Baden.
score example InEs

Sample from 'InEs'

Both pieces have been published by OTTO WREDE REGINA VERLAG, Wiesbaden.

"Wohin gehst Du?" (Where Do You Go?) is a composition for solo percussion from 1993. The piece reflects a decicive turning point in the composer's life. Processess of learning and personal experiences also uncovered new elements of music to him. Tonal fragments were created during varous phases of feelings and were melted in with meditative music, representing a silhouette of the inner search for new directions. Vibraphone, crotales, gong, three tam tams, bass drum, cymbal, chimes and the sound of breaking glass are used in this piece.

The "Two Intermezzi for 6 Cymbals" is a piece paying homage to Cymbals! The only instruments used are four cymbals, a small children's cymbal and a "remnent" cymbal from India. In this piece they unfold their full sound and acoustical spectrum. The second movement was finished pretty quickly in 1993 and everybody said there needed to be a second one. This was to become Intermezzo I. This first movement is mainly free, and if you listen carefully you may recognize a small quote from "Lazy" on Deep Purple's "Made In Japan" double LP. The second intermezzo is in strict 4/4 time, being accompanied only by an Ostinato in the form of small bells attached to the player's ankles. They serve to enhance the strictness of rhythm.
score example 2 Intermezzi
Sample from '2 Intermezzi'

The "2 Intermezzi" and "Wohin gehst Du?" have been published by Southern Percussion".

"Forgotten Sorrows" was written and produced in 2003 for a feature in the 2nd program of the Bavarian Broadcasting. The feature was by Beate Schaefer and called "Die Vergessenen Kinder von Uttenhofen" (the Forgotten Children of Uttenhofen). An author's phone call during investigations transmitted the mood of the story, and this mood spontaneously found its translation into music.

Sample from 'Forgotten Sorrows'

"Treppen" (Stairs) was an idea on the occassion a friend's vernissage. Different recordings of foot steps on stairs were mixed to a surround installation where the listener is placed into a virtual room.The steps are being alienated by special effects such as granular synthesis. Of course, there's some percussion there, too...!

Sample from 'Treppen'

"FREQUENCY5" was written and produced between March 2007 and February 2008. This is being composed for breath techniques with the aim to accompany the exercises during one whole hour. This piece has quickly gained its own character; listening at a moderate volume, the music relaxes and soothes although the tempo is not slow. Turn the knob and you want to dance! It is also believed to be an aphrodisiac, but the sourceof this information remains a secret. You can find more details about the piece here.